Friday Mornings at Nizwa Souq (Oman).

Nizwa souq in Oman is a stopping ground for many tourists who visit the country. Early Friday mornings at Nizwa souq is when and where a lot of activities happen. Most famously is the goat/cattle market. Here, people bring their cattle and parade them in front of a crowd. If you want to purchase, you can yell out to the owner. If a suitable price is negotiated, the animal is all yours. Aside from the cattle market, you’ll find merchants in different parts of the souq. Some people sell honey, others rosewater, and of course fresh produce. Nizwa fort and the large Nizwa mosque (not the new Sultan Qaboos mosque, this one is older) are also located here. It’s a very historical area and good for walking around to see some of the traditional culture of Nizwa. As I visit the souq on Friday mornings, I’ll add photos here to this post and make an ever growing story about it. If you’re planning on visiting for the goat market, try to get there by 6:30am or 7:00am.

Interior of the Nizwa Souq mosque
Interior of the Nizwa Souq mosque
A large crowd of men gathered at the cattle market

A large crowd of men gathered at the cattle market. The crowds were even larger than usual because this is the day before Eid al-Adha. A lot of cattle will be bought on this day for cooking in commemoration of the holiday.

A boy sitting in front of a cow
Large crowd above and below

Some people (especially young boys and even some tourists) decided to climb atop platforms so they could get a better view of the action.

A man guiding his cattle around the display area

Some of the cattle on display were big and strong. There were many times when the cattle would charge and the crowd had to run out of the way. The boys at the top loved it though. They’d scream out to warn people when the cattle started to run into the crowds.

A seller and potential buyer
The exit from the souq area.

The exit of the souq area. On Friday mornings, it’s very crowded and congested. It’s better to park a distance away and take a 10 or 15 minute walk. Parking is tight and getting out isn’t so easy.

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