Iftar and Suhour around Dubai

Dubai is a city that’s famous for its glitz and glamour. The tallest building in the world (at least up to this date), huge malls upon malls, indoor ski slopes, and everything you could dream of doing as long as you have the money for it. Outsiders have the impression of Dubai being a “fake” city because of this, but once you step away from the high rises and endless seas of international brand name shopping, it’s easy to see that this city does have a heart and a culture that isn’t temporary or ephemeral. In the shadows of ultra modern skyscrapers, you can find decades old shops and restaurants. Bustling neighborhood streets where languages mingle in the warm night air as people from different countries who have lived here for generations go about their lives with friends and family. During Ramadan, it’s all the more apparent and anyone who hasn’t taken the chance to visit these areas of Dubai has truly missed a living history and a breathing culture.

An alley in the Karama neighborhood of Dubai.
Our guide for the Suhoor Stroll which was organized by Gulf Photo Plus.
A jasmine flower shop in the Karama neighborhood of Dubai.
A candid conversation caught.
Inside of a barbershop.
A barber sitting.
A shot into a grocery store from the outside.
A tailor.
A tailor.
Tandoori chai.
Popular pastries during Ramadan.
Sweets for iftar.
Different kinds of kunafah.
Pastries in a pastry shop.
A happy employee in a pastry shop.
Making Egyptian fateer pizza.
Three employees of a local restaurant.

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